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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the adoption by the European Parliament of a resolution on Russia and the situation with Ukrainian political prisoners

Ukraine is grateful to the European Parliament for approving a strong resolution condemning Russia's ongoing aggression against Ukraine and demand towards the Kremlin to release more than one hundred Ukrainian political prisoners, who have been illegally retained by Russia on its territory, as well as on the occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas.
The MEPs specifically condemned the aggressive actions commited by the Russian Federation against Ukraine in the Kerch Strait and the capture of twenty four Ukrainian sailors, as well as the failure of Moscow to comply with the order of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea of May 25, 2019.
It is significant that the newly elected European Parliament unconditionally supported the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, emphasized non-recognition policy towards Russia's occupation of the Crimea and any lawfulness of Russian legislation and justice in the occupied peninsula, and condemned the massive persecution of Ukrainian citizens and the suppression of human rights.
We welcome the decisive support by the newly elected MEPs of the EU sanctions policy towards the Russian Federation and the call for the introduction of new personal sanctions against those who bear responsibility for political persecution and the suppression of human rights, as well as readiness to introduce against Russia additional economic restrictive measures.
The decision of the European Parliament demonstrated the EU's solidarity with Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression and active support by the European community of Ukraine's efforts to free our citizens from Russian captivity.

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  Брошура «Україна 1932-1933. Геноцид голодом»

Матеріал з сайту https://85holodomor.in.ua

Брошура деталізує історію Голодомору 1932-1933 рр., яку мають знати не лише в Україні, а й у всьому світі, та пояснює, чому Голодомор є геноцидом і чому таким його має визнати світове співтовариство. Як і виставка, брошура апелює до українців та світової спільноти, змушуючи замислитися про причини і наслідки трагедії українського народу, спричиненої тоталітарним більшовицьким режимом.

Матеріали підготували Український інститут національної пам’яті, Національний музей «Меморіал жертв Голодомору», Міністерство закордонних справ України та Міністерство інформаційної політики України.