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Grow Ukraine. Ukraine export opportunities in the agro-industrial complex

According to the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine, the volume of trade in goods between Ukraine and Iraq in 2018 exceeded 644 million USA dollars, services - 25 million dollars.

Commodity groups, the largest share of which in the structure of exports from Ukraine to Iraq is greatest, are: fats and oils of animal or vegetable origin (42.2%), metals (40.5%), meat (6.9 %), milk and dairy products, poultry eggs, honey (2.8%), products from grain (1.6%), sugar and confectionery (0.8%), fruits and nuts (0.7% )

In the structure of services that Ukraine exported to Iraq in 2018, travel-related services - 3.4%, transport services - 2.3%.

Iraq ranked 6th in the rating "TOP 15 countries to which exports of goods from Ukraine the most increase", an increase of $ 164.9 million USA dollars.

Also, Iraq ranked 11th in the ranking of "Top 15 partner countries in exporting goods from Ukraine."